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Swiss Peak Swiss

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So, you think you know what Swiss cheese is?

In America, we commonly think of Swiss cheese as “the one with the holes in it.” However, did you know that Swiss cheese isn’t just one type of cheese, but a category of cheeses? You probably never really thought about it before, but it makes sense, right? Really, any cheese that comes from Switzerland is worthy of the name. In fact, there are more than 450 types of Swiss cheese!

What types of Swiss cheese are there?

So if there are so many varieties, what are they? 450 is a lot to name, but some of the most popular cheeses from Switzerland are Gruyere cheese, Emmental cheese, and Raclette cheese. Of course each type has its own characteristics and flavor profile, but the majority of popular cheeses from Switzerland are made of cow’s milk.

What can I make with Swiss cheese?

That all depends on which kind you get! Eat it as is, melted, or as part of a dip or fondue. The possibilities are as numerous as the types of Swiss themselves. Don’t forget, Supermarket Italy has an entire section of Emmental cheese.