Teli Hungarian Style Salami, 2 lb. [Refrigerate after Opening]

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This Hungarian Salami is made with dry-aged pork

Slice this cured meat and enjoy on a sandwich or panini with fresh greens and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

Sample this type of salami from Hungary on a charcuterie board with cheese and dried fruit.

Teli Hungarian Style Salami is a traditional Hungarian salami made with dry-aged pork sausage. It's similar to winter salami, a slow-smoked cured meat from Hungary. A blend of spices gives this ready-to-eat meat a pleasant boldness. Slice thin and use as a topping for pizza, sandwiches, and paninis. Or sample this meat with your favorite cheeses and wine as part of a charcuterie platter or cheese board.

pork, salt, spices, sugar, dextrose, ascorbic acid, lactic acid, starte culture, sodium nitrite

approximately 2 lb.

Product of USA

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