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What is Therapispa?

Therapispa is a Korean skin care brand that operates out of both South Korea and the United States. Since 2009, Therapispa has been bringing professional grade salon products to the everyday person. Korean beauty products have been on the rise, and Therapispa’s bath and body products are among the best, made with natural ingredients and no harmful chemicals. 

What are their ethics?

Therapispa is a cruelty-free Korean cosmetics brand whose goal is to make you feel and look your best while using the best, most natural processes. Therapispa creates earth-friendly and natural personal care products formulated to help you maximize your well-being and that of the world around you. One of their favorite techniques is the cold pressed method, which takes the juices out of vegetables, fruits, and other natural ingredients without the use of heat, rendering the final product thicker and more rich in vitamins and minerals.

What kind of bath and body products does this brand sell?

Therapispa sells everything from hair products to body products to skin care products. While they do have a line of products that are available exclusively to professional salons, Therapispa has lotions, body butters, face masks, and more available for the everyday customer in a variety of scents. Wild Peach, White Tea, Golden Orange, Coconut, and Fresh Citrus are just some of Therapispa’s signature blends. 

Where can I buy Therapispa products?

Supermarket Italy is thrilled to be the first online vendor for Therapispa in America. We are home to a wide range of Therapispa Korean beauty products, including the Extra Fine Fresh Citrus Face Mist, the Double-Sided White Callus Remover, the Extra Gentle Olive Hand & Body Lotion, aloe vera, body butters, and more!