Savini Tartufi Artichoke Cream With Truffles, 6.4 oz

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Product Description: 
Over four generations of family business in Tuscany, Savini Tartufi has crafted premium truffle products like their Savini Tartufi Artichoke Cream with Truffles. Italian-grown artichokes and summer truffles are blended together with butter and olive oil to make a velvety spread rich with umami flavor. Savor this artichoke cream as a dip for crispy crostini on a charcuterie board, combine with your favorite pasta noodles, or add to a delicious homemade pizza. 

Artichoke (65%), olive oil, onion, salt, Italian summer truffle (tuber aestivum vitt 5%), flavor, sugar, pepper, yeast extract, natural flavors.

6.4oz; 180g

Product of Italy

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