Albert Menes Breton Thick Semi-Salted Butter Shortbread Cookies, 5.6 oz

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Albert Menes Shortbread Cookies are an indulgent treat

Made with a classic recipe, they contain wheat flour, semi-salted butter, egg yolks, and milk.

Enjoy these French shortbread cookies on their own, or crumble them over other dessert dishes.

Since 1921, Albert Menes has made and distributed grocery products of the highest quality in France. Albert Menes Breton Thick Semi-Salted Butter Shortbread Cookies are delicious cookies inspired by traditional recipes from the French region of Brittany. Made with semi-salted butter, they have a rich, buttery flavor and a crumbly, soft texture that melts in your mouth.

Pair these authentic French cookies with Albert Menes' selection of fruit jams, including options like raspberry and apricot. Or try their hazelnut chocolate spread! These butter shortbread cookies are super easy to crumble over rich desserts like ice cream, gelato, cheesecake, and yogurt parfaits. Enjoy them with a cup of tea, coffee, or hot cocoa. Or even try them with your favorite bottle of dessert wine.

WHEAT flour (GLUTEN), semi-salted churned BUTTER (MILK) (30%), sugar, EGG yolks, MILK, baking powder: sodium bicarbonate. MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF shelled fruits.

160g (5.6 oz)

Product of France

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