Beez Bounty Hot Honey, 14 oz (397g)

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This Chili Pepper Honey has a sweet heat

This gourmet honey is sustainably sourced from Mediterranean beehives.

Enjoy this spicy honey with BBQ, sandwiches, desserts, and more.

Beez Bounty Hot Honey is made with just two all-natural ingredients: honey and hot chili peppers. That's really it!

This honey is sustainably and ethically sourced from beehives in the Mediterranean. Add this high-quality honey to a gift basket for anyone who appreciates unique condiments.

Use this chili-infused honey as a glaze for chicken wings and other barbecued meats, as well as pizza, veggies, and more. Enjoy this sweet and spicy honey as a condiment on a burger or fried chicken sandwich. Or use it to season roasted asparagus or Brussels sprouts—along with a pinch of coarse sea salt.

This honey is also great for sweet foods and beverages. Add it to a yogurt parfait with fresh fruit and crunchy granola. Drizzle this honey over a bowl of vanilla ice cream for a one-of-a-kind flavor combination. Try it in a fiery hot cocoa recipe with cinnamon and whipped cream. Or even give your morning cup of coffee a bold kick with a spoonful of this chili-flavored honey.

Not hot enough? Take it up a notch with Beez Bounty Extra Hot


14 oz (397g)


Product of Turkey

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