Force Majeure Triple Hop 0% Alcohol Beer, 330 mL

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This delicious Force Majeure Beer has 0% alcohol

Made with barley malt, hops, and herbs, Force Majeure Triple Hop has a taste similar to regular beer but is completely alcohol free.

Serve this 0% alcohol beer as an alternative beverage for parties and special occasions.

Would you believe it if you were told that you can enjoy a 100% beer with a 100% flavor but 0% alcohol by volume? You would have to taste this craft beer to believe it. Whether religion forbids you, or pregnancy, or watching your alcohol intake, you don't have to feel left out during happy hour thanks to this non-alcoholic beer. For lovers of strong beer with a bitter tone, it's a delightful drink to savor.

Force Majeure's 0% alcohol beer is perfect for making beer cocktails. Enjoy a classic like the savory Michelada. Or add fruit juice, syrups, and garnishes to make a refreshing summer drink. Many beer cocktails are made by combining beer with hard liquor, such as whiskey or tequila. You can use this alcohol-free beer in place of traditional beer to reduce the overall alcohol content of these liquor-based cocktails. This way, you get all of the flavor in a lighter drink.

Water, barely, wheat and oat malt, hops, herbs, flavor, sucralose 


Product of Belgium


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