Sanniti Whole Juniper Berries, 12 oz

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These Dried Juniper Berries have notes of pine and citrus

Juniper is commonly found in recipes for holiday roasts and other festive meals.

Enjoy this juniper rubbed over meat dishes or as a garnish in seasonal cocktails.

Due to their pine and citrus taste, Sanniti Whole Juniper Berries provide wonderful flavor to all types of roast meats. Because of their pine flavor and aroma, these berries are also commonly associated with holiday meals. So the next time you go to make a holiday roast, be sure to use Sanniti Whole Juniper Berries.

Juniper pairs especially well with a variety of meats. Try using juniper with pork, duck, and game meat recipes. Or use a few berries to add a subtle pine aroma to meaty sauces and stews.

Juniper Berries are also what gives gin liquor its distinct flavor, so you can use them to dress up your next gin cocktail, holiday cocktail, or gin and tonic! You can also prepare a juniper berry tea by steeping these dried berries in hot water.


12 oz


Product of USA

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