A Delicious "Spaghetti alla Carbonara Recipe" Bundle

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This Spaghetti Carbonara Recipe is perfect for pasta night

This spaghetti gift box includes everything you need to make a classic carbonara pasta recipe.

Recipe box includes spaghetti, cured pork jowl, olive oil, black pepper, and pecorino cheese.

You do not need to go out to a fancy Italian restaurant to enjoy a delicious Spaghetti alla Carbonara. Supermarket Italy has put together the main ingredients needed to make this tasty dish along with a detailed recipe.

This pasta kit includes authentic Italian spaghetti, pecorino Romano cheese, Moroccan olive oil, black pepper, and Toscano-style pork jowl. Do not hesitate to host the next "Italian Pasta Night" as all your guests are sure to enjoy this classic pasta dish.


  • Terra di Siena Italian Guanciale Toscano Style, 6 oz [Pack of 2] 
  • Locatelli Pecorino Romano Grated Cheese Cup, 8 oz 
  • Sanniti Ground Black Pepper, 18 oz 
  • De Cecco #12 Spaghetti, 1 lb 
  • Moroccan Olive Grove The Blue Olive Oil Bright & Fruity, 16.9 oz 


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