a Pero Lampascioni Grigliati Jar, 19 oz

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A Pero Lampascioni Grigliati is a type of wild onion that grows almost exclusively in the Puglian countryside in Italy. Lampascioni Grigliati are an Italian delicacy and their harvest is highly anticipated every year, marking the true beginning of spring. Enjoy them the traditional way with fava beans and chicory, sautéed potatoes, and lamb or pork roast. A Pero seasons their grilled wild onions in a way that lets the mild, bitter flavor and charred taste to really shine through. These Lampascioni also make for a wonderful antipasto.

Lampascioni 60%, sunflower oil, white wine vinegar, salt, garlic, parsley, red pepper, natural flavors. Acidity regulator: E330. Antioxidant: E300.

19 oz


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