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This Calabrese Pesto is made with peppers and ricotta cheese

This Calabrian pesto is piquant and peppery.

Enjoy this pesto in a pasta dish with freshly grated pecorino cheese.

Basil pesto and white pesto are very popular sauces in central and northern Italy. In the southern region of Calabria, they have their own type of pesto sauce: pesto calabrese. The Calabrian region is known for their peppers, which is the main ingredient in this a Pero Pesto Calabrese sauce.

Mixed with cheese and spices, this pesto sauce is creamy and bursting with flavor. It also has a wonderful light orange color, which makes for a fantastic plate presentation!


Peppers 46%, sunflower oil, water, ricotta (whey, milk, salt, acidity regulator E509) 7%, onion, tomato paste, sugar, modified corn starch, cashew, potato flakes, hard cheese mix (milk, salt, rennet), extra virgin olive oil, acidity regulator lactic acid, antioxidant: ascorbic acid, spice blend, flavorings


6.7 oz


Product of Italy


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