Albert Menes Bitter Orange Gourmet Marmalade, 9.9 oz

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This Orange Marmalade is made with bitter oranges

Try this fruit jam on a cheese board with crackers or pretzels.

Spread this bitter orange marmalade on toast, crepes, and waffles.

Since 1921, Albert Ménès has made and distributed grocery products of the highest quality in France. From jams to dried herbs to spice mixes, there's truly something for every dish in Albert Ménès' selection of goods.

Albert Menes Bitter Orange Gourmet Marmalade is a zesty choice for pancakes, French toast, and more. Made with fresh oranges and cane sugar, this slightly sour orange marmalade delivers a complex, citrus flavor that can be enjoyed in a variety of recipes.

Try this high-quality French marmalade on a charcuterie platter with a selection of cheeses, artisan crackers, and dry-cured meats. Use it as a condiment for grilled meats and roasted vegetables. Toss this orange marmalade recipe in a bright salad dressing or marinade recipe.

If you're looking for a sweet dish, add a scoop of marmalade to a bowl of ice cream or Greek yogurt. Or try it as a topping for a breakfast pastry. You can even use this pleasantly bitter marmalade as an ingredient in a citrus-flavored cocktail.


Cane sugar, bitter oranges, gelling agent: pectins, acidifier: citric acid.


280g (9.88oz)


Product of France

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