Ascheri Authentic Italian Basil Pesto - 6.3 oz

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Ascheri Authentic Italian Basil Pesto is made with real genovese basil, as well as EVOO, garlic, and pine nuts. The back of the homestyle jar features a traditional recipe. Toss this fragrant pesto with your favorite pasta noodle, add it to a homemade soup, or serve it as a spread on a charcuterie board alongside nutty Italian cheeses. 


Genovese DOP (35%), extra virgin olive oil (30%), cashew nuts, cheese powder (cheese, whey powder, salt, emulsifying salt), Grana Padano DOP (milk, salt, rennet, lysozym: egg protein), Pecorino Romano DOP (sheep milk, salt, rennet), whey, pine nuts, garlic, salt.

180 grams (6.3 ounces) 

Product of Italy

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