Bertagni Pecorino Tuada Cheese, 6 lb.

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This Pecorino Cheese is prepared in Tuscany

This aged Italian cheese has sweet and earthy flavor notes.

Grate over pasta dishes, or sample on a charcuterie board with prosciutto and salami.

Bertagni Pecorino Tuada Cheese is a pasteurized sheep’s milk cheese from Tuscany, similar to pecorino toscano. Aged for eight or nine months, this Italian pecorino cheese possesses an exceptionally sweet, earthy flavor, like burnt caramel. This Tuscan pecorino took home a Gold Medal at the 2004 European Mountain Cheese Olympics.

Tuada cheese is best enjoyed as a grated cheese, or paired with cured meats, savory spreads, and artisan bread. Try it as an alternative to pecorino romano in pasta alla gricia as well as other recipes. Or compare it to parmigiano reggiano on an Italian cheese board.

Sheep milk (pasteurized) salt, animal rennet (lamb), lactic ferments

6 lb.


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