Bittermilk No.5 Charred Grapefruit Tonic, 16.9 oz

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A cocktail with tonic, a.k.a. carbonated water, is a bar favorite because it is light, bright, and refreshing. Paired with a clear liquor like gin or vodka, tonic water often features notes of fruit. Gin and tonics rely on the natural flavor of the Juniper berries in the gin, but vodka tonics need a bit of sprucing up. If you're looking for a sophisticated and satisfying tonic enhancer, Bittermilk No.5 Charred Grapefruit Tonic is just what you need. The fresh, sweet and slightly bitter flavors of citrus make for an outstanding drink.

Fresh lemon and lime juice, golden cane sugar, water, charred grapefruit peel, cinchona bark, Bulls Bay sea salt

16.9 oz


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