Burlap & Barrel Euphrates Mint Leaves, 0.70 oz

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Euphrates Mint Leaves are a sweet and refreshing herb

This Euphrates mint grows along the banks of the Euphrates river in Turkey.

Use this dried herb in both sweet and savory dishes.

Create a better world when you cook with single origin spices from Burlap & Barrel, a public benefit corporation that puts farmers first. This sustainable brand focuses on protecting workers rights by sourcing only from small farms, as well as making all aspects of the product chain transparent and traceable.

Burlap & Barrel Euphrates Mint from southern Turkey imbues salads and other light recipes with brightness, sweetness, and freshness. Add a refreshing, herbal note to hearty stews and sauces. Or use these mint leaves to garnish a savory lamb, beef, vegetable, or seafood recipe.

You can also use these herbs to brew a mint tea that you can enjoy hot or iced. Or simply try them as a convenient alternative ingredient in any recipe that calls for fresh mint.

This variety of mint makes a thoughtful present for anyone who enjoys cooking or baking new recipes. Add them to a gift basket along with a selection of other unique spices and herbs.


100% dried mint leaves


0.70 oz


Gaziantep, Turkey

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