Burlap & Barrel Purple Stripe Garlic, 1.8 oz

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Create a better world when you cook with single origin spices from Burlap & Barrel, a public benefit corporation that puts farmers first. This sustainable brand focuses on protecting workers rights by sourcing only from small farms, as well as making all aspects of the product chain transparent and traceable. Spices like Purple Stripe Garlic are biodynamically and organically farmed by using traditional techniques. As its name suggests, this special type of garlic from Cao Bằng, Vietnam, is marked by its characteristic purple stripe and small size. The taste is sweeter than regular garlic, giving it more complexity. Season all types of dishes with Burlap & Barrel Purple Stripe Garlic Powder, from sauces to mashed potatoes.

100% garlic, ground

1.8 oz

Cao Bằng, Vietnam


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