Calabrialleva Pecorino Crotonese Semiduro DOP Cheese, 5 lb.

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This Medium-aged Pecorino Cheese is from Southern Italy

A cheese made from sheep's milk, this pecorino is produced in Calabria.

Balancing sweetness and sharpness, this cheese is perfect for a Southern Italian charcuterie board.

This semi-hard cheese wheel from Calabria is a medium-aged pecorino with DOP certification. It is authentic Italian cheese that only comes from the Marchesato area of the Calabrian region in Italy's south. Entertain friends and family or supply your restaurant with a cheese wheel that is intense and sweet, yet balanced.

Pair this cheese with a bold glass of wine and enjoy with Calabrese salami or 'nduja. Or sample on cheese boards with fruit and crackers. For pasta dishes, you can use this type of cheese in place of parmigiano reggiano or other pecorinos such as pecorino siciliano and pecorino romano. It's a great choice for cacio e pepe.

The master cheesemakers care so much about the quality of this pecorino that they've even shared the names of their sheep who make it happen: Bianchina, Paoletta, Fiocco, Nevina, Carolina, and Macchio.

Approximately 5 lbs

Calabria, Italy

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