Casa Madaio Rosso Cheese, 3.2 lb. (1.5 kg)

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This sweet Pecorino Cheese is dusted with spicy red pepper

Savor this Italian cheese with fiery 'nduja or rich salami on a charcuterie board.

Use as an alternative in recipes that call for pecorino siciliano or pecorino romano, such as cacio e pepe.

Casa Madaio dairy farm has been crafting quality cheeses in Campania for four generations. A type of cheese made from sheep's milk, Rosso Cheese is a seasoned pecorino. This sweet cheese is aged for two months and then uniformly dusted with red pepper powder before being stored for another four. The unique red “rosso” coloring on the rind is both beautiful and piquant.

This spiced pecorino will go well with lightly smoked charcuterie meats. Enjoy it on an Italian cheese board with parmigiano reggiano. Or grate this gourmet cheese over your favorite pasta dishes and grilled paninis.

Milk, Salt, Enzymes, Red Pepper Powder

3.2 lb. (1.5 kg)

Product of Italy

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