Casa Modena 16 Month Aged San Daniele Prosciutto, 16 Lbs

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This San Daniele Prosciutto is aged for 16 months

This traditional Italian prosciutto pairs well with smoky and sweet cheeses.

Sample this type of prosciutto with melons and sea salt on a charcuterie board.

Casa Modena 16 Month Aged San Daniele Prosciutto is a traditional Italian meat flavored with salt, air, and time. Prosciutto di San Daniele is a DOP meat, meaning its authenticity is guaranteed.

The unique flavor of this prosciutto San Daniele pairs well with melted cheeses and fresh herbs on a panini. Or enjoy thin slices of this dry-cured ham on a charcuterie platter with fresh melons, cheese, and artisan crackers.


Pork, Salt.


16 Lbs (average)


Product of Italy

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