Central Piccolo Canestrato, 5 lb.

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Piccolo Canestrato is a Pecorino Cheese from Southern Italy

This Italian cheese made from sheep's milk can be used instead of pecorino romano in a cacio e pepe recipe.

Grate, shred, or slice and enjoy with a bold glass of wine.

This hard sheep’s milk cheese is a Southern Italian specialty. Central Piccolo Canestrato has a sharp flavor, made pleasantly spicy with the inclusion of lamb rennet. This bold cheese is particularly well-suited to grating over pasta dishes and other Italian recipes.

Compare it with parmigiano reggiano and pecorino siciliano on a cheese board. Or savor this type of cheese alongside charcuterie board meats like Calabrese salami and cured pork coppa. It can also be enjoyed as a table cheese and paired with a bold red wine—or even champagne for celebrations!

5 lb.

Product of Italy

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