Clearly Canadian Country Raspberry Sparkling Water Bottle, 11 oz

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This Raspberry Sparkling Water is tart and refreshing

Clearly Canadian Sparkling Water is made with all-natural ingredients, including pure cane sugar.

Enjoy this flavored sparkling water beverage on its own, or mix in your favorite cocktails.

Clearly Canadian Country Raspberry Sparkling Water is a sweet and slightly sour beverage. Made with pure cane sugar and no artificial flavorings, Clearly Canadian is a simpler alternative to most sodas. Enjoy over ice for a delightful summer drink. Or mix this raspberry soft drink with a splash of gin or vodka for an easy cocktail. Garnish with a lemon wedge or a sprig of mint to make this mixed drink complete.

Carbonated Spring Water, Pure Cane Sugar Natural Vegan Flavour Citric Acid.

11 oz

Product of Canada

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