Entremont Comte 12 Month Aged Cheese, 7 oz [Pack of 3]

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This Entremont Comte Cheese is aged for one year

This French cheese has a firm yet smooth texture that pairs well with red wine.

Sample this award-winning cheese on a cheese board with crackers and fresh fruit.

Entremont Comte 12 Month Aged Cheese is a firm, semi-hard variety with a nutty flavor with notes of berries and smoke. This type of French cheese is produced in the Jura Massif region of France with raw milk from cows.

One of the most popular cheeses in France, comte pairs well with dry-cured meats and fresh berries on a charcuterie board. Alternatively, you can compare it to other semi-hard cheese varieties and soft French cheeses such as baby brie on a cheese platter. This cheese melts well, so you can also try it in a panini recipe, or even use it to make fondue!

Looking for a present for someone who appreciates French cuisine? Add this high-quality comte cheese to a gift basket along with artisan crackers and gourmet fruit jam.


Raw Cow’s Milk, Salt, Cheese Cultures, Rennet.


7 oz each - Pack of 3


Product of France

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