Geometry of Pasta Pesto Sauce & Organic Pasta Kit

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This Pesto Pasta Kit has a beautiful geometric packaging

This organic pasta kit includes orecchiette and trofie pasta and pesto sauces.

This pasta meal kit makes a thoughtful gift for any home cook.

Geometry of Pasta brings you a beautifully packed kit including two handmade organic pastas. The two types of pastas are orecchiette and trofie pasta. The kit also includes Basil Pesto sauce and a Red Pesto sauce which both go well with the pastas included in this kit. Give it as a gift to a pasta lover or keep it to yourself.


  • Basil pesto - 6.7 oz
  • Red pesto - 6.7 oz
  • Organic Orecchiette - 1 lb 1.63 oz
  • Organic Trofie - 1 lb 1.63 oz


3 Lbs 0.6 oz (1380g)

Origin: Product of Italy 

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