Gia Green Pesto Paste, 2.8 oz

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This Pesto Paste has a bold flavor

Use this paste to make a pesto sauce to enjoy with cold or hot pasta.

This pesto tastes great as part of salad dressings and spreads.

Gia Green Pesto Paste is made with an aromatic blend of fresh basil leaves, cashews, pine nuts, garlic, and hard cheese. It has a bold flavor that pairs well with a number of Mediterranean recipes. You can mix this pesto paste with other ingredients or use it on its own.

Use this basil pesto paste in pasta sauce recipes. Give your cold pasta salad a burst of fresh flavor. Add this paste to a salad dressing with extra virgin olive oil and vinegar or lemon juice. Or enjoy it as a spread for a crostini appetizer with sun-dried tomatoes or dry-cured meat.


Basil, sunflower oil, olive oil, hard grated cheese (milk, rennet, salt), cashew nuts, pine nuts, garlic, salt, acidity regulator: citric acid.

Contains milk, pine nuts, cashews. Gluten-Free.


2.8 oz (80g)


Product of Italy


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