Hellenic Farms Sweet Red Pepper Graviera Cheese Spread, 7 oz

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Product Description: 
Hellenic Farms Sweet Red Pepper Graviera Cheese Spread combines the delicious flavors of Greece in a creamy topping. Roasted red peppers, an iconic staple of Greek cooking, are seasoned with capers, garlic, and herbs, then blended with a mix of goat and sheep’s milk cheese. Use this savory spread on a charcuterie board with crispy crostini and fresh red pepper slices.

red roasted pepper 74.3%, P.D.O. Cretan graviera cheese (sheep & goat's milk) 12%, Greek extra virgin olive oil, capers, vinegar, salt, herbs and spices, antioxidant agent: ascorbic acid.

7 oz (200 grams)

Product of Greece

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