India Tree Paloma Roja Red Popcorn, 1 lb. (453 g)

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This India Tree Popcorn contains small red kernels

Paloma Roja Red Popcorn is a relatively small variety that has a delightfully crunchy texture.

America's first great snack food, popcorn is perfect for sharing on movie night or while playing board games.

India Tree Popcorn Paloma Roja Red is a stellar example of why popcorn was America’s first great snack food. Picked at the height of moisture, it’s then shelled from the cob and sifted through for only the best kernels. Originally from South America, Paloma Roja Red Popcorn is cultivated on a family farm in the heartland of North America. Kernels from red corn are fairly small, and have a great crunch as compared to other types of kernels. Pop on the stove top or in an air popper, either way these kernels will come out a healthy, whole grain snack.


1 lb. (453 g)


Product of USA

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