La Monica Sea Clam Juice, 27 oz

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La Monica Clam Juice adds flavor to soups and sauces

The distinct taste of clams can be used to add depth to seafood dishes, meaty broths, and even cocktails.

Combine with tomato juice for a clamato mixture with your preferred balance of flavors.

La Monica Sea Clam Juice comes from fresh clams that are shucked by hand. Add this ocean clam juice to your favorite soups, sauces, and seafood recipes for an extra layer of flavor. It also makes a wonderful ingredient to enhance a traditional Manhattan clam chowder. You can combine it with tomato juice for a homemade clamato juice, giving you more control over your next mixed drink, michelada, or shrimp cocktail.

Juice from sea clams, salt.

27 oz


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