Locatelli Ricotta Salata Testa di Moro, 7 Lbs

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Enjoy this Ricotta Cheese on salads, pasta, and more

Like pecorino cheeses, this semi-soft cheese is made from sheep's milk.

For a charcuterie board, serve with toasted bread, fruit, and cured meats.

Locatelli Ricotta Salata Testa di Moro is a semi-soft Italian cheese made from pasteurized sheep's milk. This type of cheese is easy to spread or crumble. It pairs well with sun-dried tomatoes, Italian sausage, and roasted eggplants. Try this Ricotta Pecorina with your favorite Mediterranean recipes. This 7-lbs wheel is a great option for stocking up on real Italian cheese.

Crumble over pizza and pasta dishes. Use it to top crostini along with fresh herbs and a drizzle of honey. Or add this Italian cheese to a bright salad along with distilled white vinegar, olive oil, and a dash of lemon juice. For a gourmet cheese board that offers a taste of Italy, sample this ricotta alongside parmigiano reggiano as well as pecorino romano, pecorino toscano, or even pecorino sardo from Sardinia.

Pasteurized Sheep's milk, salt

7 Lbs

Product of Italy

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