Maina Colomba Cake - 2.2 lbs.

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Product Description:
This is the traditional Colomba cake. Soft, wonderfully tasty, and full of carefully selected and proportioned ingredients. Today this cake is still made to the ancient original recipe, and it owes its excellence to the dough being leavened naturally using pure Sour Dough. The most classical of flavours, complete with the tasty, crunchy hazelnut icing with whole almonds and sugar frosting.

Wheat flour, Sugar, Candied orange peels 15% (Orange peels, Glucose-Fructose Syrup, Sugar), Butter, Fresh egg yolk, Natural yeast (contain wheat), Fresh egg white, Almonds 2%, Hazelnuts 2%, Invert sugar, Emulsifying agent: Mono-diglycerides of fatty acids (of vegetal origin), Whole fresh pasteurized milk, Rice starch, Salt, Rice flour, Natural flavors. Contains: wheat, milk and milk byproducts, eggs, almonds and hazelnuts. May contain traces of soy.

Type of Cake:
Maina Colomba Cake

2.2 lbs.

Product of Italy

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