Mammen Danish Blue Cheese Wedge, 3.5 oz [PACK of 4]

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Mammen Danablu is a signature blue cheese from Denmark

This Danish cheese is a consecutive award-winner at the World Championship Cheese Contest in Wisconsin.

Add this blue vein cheese to any of your favorite recipes.

Mammen Danablu is a high-quality IGP Danish Blue Cheese of protected origin and status. Year after year, Danablu wins top awards at the World Championship Cheese Contest in the cheese capital of Wisconsin thanks to its strong, sharp taste, stunning blue-green marbling, and crumbly yet creamy texture.

The many flavor nuances of this cow’s milk cheese makes it a highly versatile ingredient in both hot and cold dishes. Enjoy the flavor and texture of this type of blue cheese with some dark chocolate or sliced pear on a cheese board. Savor this blue mold cheese in a charcuterie board. Or add it to your favorite meat, pasta, salad, or soup recipes. You can even grate and mix it to create a creamy blue cheese dressing.

3.5 oz each (Pack of 4)

Imported from Denmark

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