Mediterranean Artisans Kalamata Olives in Natural Brine, 14 oz

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These Kalamata Olives are a staple of Greek cuisine

Serve Greek olives on cheese platters or charcuterie boards with fresh fruit.

This almond-shaped dark purple olive variety is great for salads, pasta sauces, and pizzas.

Kalamata olives are prized in Mediterranean cuisine. Cultivated in Greece and used most frequently in Greek food, this type of olives is notable for its saltiness and signature deep purple color. They're also a source of natural antioxidants like vitamin E and healthy fats which can offer a range of health benefits.

These olives are a necessary ingredient in any Greek salad. Enjoy the taste of kalamata olives with fresh greens, red onions, crumbled goat or gorgonzola cheese, olive oil, and a lemon wedge. Sample alongside green and black olives on a table olive platter. Crush them for a robust tomato-based pasta sauce. Or slice them thin to top your favorite pizza recipe or toasted panini.

Kalamata olives, water, salt, red wine vinegar

Drain Weight:
14.1 oz (400 grams)


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