Mmmediterranean Iberico Pork Abanico Flank Secreto, 1 lb

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Sear or roast Iberico Pork Abanico Flank Secreto

From Spain's famous Iberico pigs, this raw pork flank steak ships frozen.

Prepare this prized Spanish meat in the oven or on the grill for a delectable main course.

Mmmediterranean Iberico Pork Abanico Flank Secreto comes from quality-bred, 100 percent Spanish Iberico pigs. Iberico pork is known across the world as one of the best types of pork because of its texture, marbling, and juiciness. A cut of pork belly, the pork flank, like other flank steak, is best cooked fairly quickly. This high quality meat can be roasted (for a short amount of time) or pan-seared. This results in a pork cut that is rare or medium-rare in the center. Mmmediterranean Iberico Pork comes from vegetarian-fed, free-range pigs. Comes frozen.

Squeeze juice from a fresh lemon and drizzle with olive oil to bring out the full flavor and aroma of this cut of pork. Serve with a fresh salad or grilled vegetables, and enjoy with your favorite bottle of wine or a wheat beer.

IBERICO PORK ABANICO / FLAP 1 lb (454 grams) approx.

Product of Spain

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