Mmmediterranean Iberico Pork Pluma Shoulder Loin, 1 lb

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Heat and savor this Iberico Pork Shoulder Loin

From Spain's Iberico pigs, this tender Spanish Meat is shipped raw and frozen.

This cut of meat makes a delicious pork loin roast or slow cooked pork loin.

Mmmediterranean Iberico Pork Pluma Shoulder Loin comes from quality-bred, 100 percent Spanish Iberico pigs. Iberico pork is known across the world as one of the best types of pork because of its texture, marbling, and juiciness. The pork loin is a lean, tender pork cut that is best cooked for short periods of time on low heat. This high quality Iberico pork comes from vegetarian-fed, free-range pigs. Comes frozen.

You can prepare a variety of savory, bold, and even sweet dishes with this type of pork meat. Cooking times for this cut of pork vary based on the recipe, but controlled cooking methods such as slow roasting in the oven are generally ideal for preparing this delicate piece of meat. Enjoy roasted pork shoulder loin with a side of mashed sweet potatoes or grilled asparagus. A drizzle of olive oil and some fresh herbs can also help bring out the full flavors of this tender meat. Pair cooked pork shoulder with a glass of white wine or hard cider.

IBERICO PORK PLUMA – SHOULDER LOIN 1 lb (454 grams) approx.

Product of Spain

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