Mmmediterranean Iberico Pork Presa Shoulder Steak, 1.5 lb.

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Mmmediterranean Iberico Pork Presa Shoulder Steak comes from quality-bred, 100 percent Spanish Iberico pigs. Iberico pork is known across the world as one of the best types of pork because of its texture, marbling, and juiciness. The pork shoulder steak is especially suited to braising, low-roasting, and barbecuing because it is a thick cut of meat that can be cooked for a long period of time without losing moisture. Mmmediterranean Iberico Pork comes from vegetarian-fed, free-range pigs. Comes frozen.

IBERICO PORK PRESA / SHOULDER STEAK 1.5 lb (730 grams) approx.

Product of Spain

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