Mmmediterranean Spinach and Pine Nut Croquettes, 10 x 2.2 lb.

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These Spanish croquettes are filled with Spinach

These make a delicious alternative to similar appetizers made with seafood or cured ham.

Enjoy plain or serve with a drizzle of creamy bechamel sauce.

These Spanish spinach croquettes are simple to prepare, and packed with flavor, and make a great vegan finger food or appetizer for your next party. The flavor of finely chopped spinach and pine nuts complements the richness of this fried croquette.

Combine this tapa with others—such as a meaty croquetas de jamón—for a delicious Mediterranean party platter. (Supermarket Italy offers a wide selection of appetizers that pair well with this spinach and pine nut croquette.) Serve alongside roasted vegetables, lemon, and olive oil with a dash of sea salt and pepper. Or enjoy it as part of an evening meal with mashed potatoes and a savory main course. Best paired with a bottle of wine or a sweet hard cider.

To prepare, deep fry the croquettes in a neutral hot oil such as vegetable oil for 3-4 minutes until golden brown. Comes frozen.

10 x 2.2 lb.
(Total 10 Bags, each 2.2 lb.)

Product of Spain

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