Mocktails Sevilla Red Sangria Non Alcoholic Drink, 6.8 oz [Pack of 4]

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This Virgin Sangria blends tart fruit and warm spices

This alcohol-free sangria makes a delicious alternative to alcoholic beverages for parties and other special occasions.

These bottle mocktails are made with pure filtered water and a blend of high-quality ingredients.

With only 80 calories in each bottle, this Non-GMO, no high-fructose corn syrup and non-artificial flavored sangria is an enjoyable alcohol-free drink for any occasion. While the drink is normally made with red wine, fruit juice, and spices, this virgin sangria provides a similar mix of tart and sweet flavors with non of the alcohol. Enjoy this ready-to-drink beverage poured over ice. Or use it as a mixer for cocktail or mocktail recipes. This non-alcoholic sangria contains no preservatives and best of all it is vegan and gluten free.

Pure Filtered Water, Non-GMO Sugar, Red Grape Must from concentrate, natural flavors, bitter orange, raspberry, clove, tartaric acid.

Pack of 4 - 6.8 oz bottles each

Product of England


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