Molino Rossetto Mix for Red Velvet Cake, 14 oz

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Product Description:
Red velvet cake is one of the most popular types of cake in the world. Make your own with Molino Rossetto Red Velvet Cake Mix. The rich flavor and deep red color makes a bold statement, whether you’re amongst family and friends or if you’re making something sweet for your significant other. 

sugar, rice flour, cornstarch, Humectant: sorbitols, Emulsifiers: polyglycerine esters of fatty acids, polyoxyethylene sorbitan monooleate, Cocoa 1.5%, Raising agents: diphosphates, sodium carbonates, Acidity regulator: gluconodeltalactone, Thickeners: guar gum, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, salt, Dye: cochineal

It is produce in a factory that uses soy, sesame seeds and milk.

400 grams (14.11 oz)

Product of Italy

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