Moncedillo Original Cheese, 1 lb

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Moncedillo Cheese is a unique, semi-soft cheese from Spain

Slice a small wedge of this type of cheese and enjoy on a charcuterie board with Spanish chorizo and Italian prosciutto.

This sheep's milk cheese has a slightly sweet and buttery flavor.

Moncedillo cheese is a unique cheese for many reasons. Firstly, this Spanish cheese is produced by curds that are drained, not pressed. This draining process renders a semi-soft paste which is then molded into shape in baskets, creating an instantly recognizable pattern in the cheese. Secondly, the sheep’s milk for Moncedillo cheese is sourced from only one sheep breed that has ancient roots in the area. The result is a cheese with a sweet, grassy aroma and a rich and buttery flavor that finishes on the palate as a hazelnut aftertaste. Sample on a cheese board with fresh fruit and a bold glass of wine.

Raw sheep’s milk, lactic ferments, vegetable rennet and salt

450 grams (1 lb)


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