Montosco Organic Garlic Italian Stackable Jar, 1.86 oz

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This Dried Garlic is 100% organic

These minced garlic cloves add a warm, savory flavor to pastas, meat, seafood, and vegetable dishes.

Try this organic dried garlic in sauces and marinades in place of fresh garlic.

Sourcing herbs, spices, and salts from across Italy and around the globe, Montosco brings authentic global flavors right to your kitchen pantry.

Their Organic Garlic is a selection of dried garlic crushed into miniature flakes. Garlic goes with just about everything, from roast chicken to scrambled eggs, and is a major element of Mediterranean cooking. This finely sliced garlic has a longer shelf life than fresh garlic and a more robust flavor than garlic powder.

This organic spice is part of a line of Montosco stackable jars, so that you can save counter space without sacrificing any of your favorite flavors. Add it to a gift basket for anyone who enjoys cooking.


Dried garlic


53 grams (1.86 oz)


Product of Italy

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