Mutti Baby Roma Tomatoes, 14 oz

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These Baby Roma Tomatoes are ideal for salads and sauces

These tomatoes pair well with fresh basil, garlic, and onions.

Try this type of tomato in a variety of Italian dishes.

The Mutti company in Parma, Italy is committed to excellence. In fact, they take the quality of their Italian tomatoes so seriously that they give the Pomodorino d’Oro Quality Award (The Golden Tomato) to the farmers who produce the best-tasting tomatoes each year.

Baby Roma Tomatoes are small, elongated tomatoes known for their sweet flavor and pulpy texture. They are very carefully harvested and processed extremely quickly so that their freshly picked taste can be preserved. Add these tomatoes to a gift basket for anyone who enjoys pasta or Italian cuisine.

Enjoy baby roma tomatoes tossed in salads with balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. Or try them in pasta dishes with white wine sauce such as in shrimp scampi.


Baby Roma Tomatoes (60%), Tomato Juice (40%).


14 oz (400 grams)


Product of Italy

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