Old Brooklyn Mustard Original IPA, 6 oz

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Old Brooklyn Mustard Original IPA is award-winning mustard brilliantly infused with flavors of beer, jalapeno, and Kaffir lime. This whole grain yellow mustard is made in Old Brooklyn, the largest neighborhood in Cleveland, Ohio. The texture of this whole grain mustard has led people to refer to it as "Cleveland caviar," which no doubt is also a reflection of its gourmet quality. The beer with which Old Brooklyn's Original Mustard is infused comes from the city's own Collision Bend Brewing Co; it is their C-Town Double IPA. When combined with flavors of lime and jalapeno, the end result is a mustard that is tangy with notes of citrus and heat. Use this gourmet mustard on your next hamburger, veggie burger, sandwich, or hot dog!

Contains traces of gluten. Vegan/Vegetarian.

6 oz (170 grams)

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