Palacios Organic Chorizo, 7 oz [Refrigerate After Opening]

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Palacios Organic Chorizo sausage is authentic and delicious

Add this Spanish meat to any savory main course or side dish for a meaty burst of flavor.

Slice and serve on a charcuterie board with sharp cheeses and dried fruit.

It's no surprise that the world has become obsessed with chorizo, the all-natural, dry-cured sausage from Spanish and Mexican cuisine. This organic Palacios Spanish chorizo can add a robust, smoky flavor to any recipe.

To start your morning right, eat cooked chorizo with eggs and rice. If you have some extra time, add this ground pork sausage along with red peppers and scrambled eggs to a large bowl for a delicious breakfast dish.

Later in the day, melt some cheese over the sausage and toss in diced chile peppers for some queso fundido, perfect for dipping corn chips. Or mix some chopped onions and smoked paprika (for that vibrant red color) into this ground meat, fry it up, and wrap in a tortilla for a Mexican chorizo burrito. There is simply no going wrong with these all-natural Spanish sausages.

Pork*, paprika*, salt and garlic*
*all from organic agriculture.

7 oz (200g)

Product of Spain

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