Pan Di Stelle Cream Italian Cocoa Hazelnut Spread, 11.6 oz

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Pan Di Stelle Chocolate Cream is an Italian cocoa hazelnut spread inspired by Mulino Bianco Pan di Stella chocolate cookies. In fact, tiny grains of Pan di Stella cookies are even an ingredient in this heavenly spread. This Italian chocolate hazelnut cream pairs well with just about everything sweet, including cookies, bread, crepes, pancakes, fruit, and more.

hazelnut and cocoa cream (sugar, sunflower oil, Italian hazelnuts 13.7%, low-fat cocoa 9.8%, skimmed milk powder, cocoa butter, emulsifier (sunflower lectin), flavor (vanillin)), grains of Pan di Stelle 2% cookie (wheat flour, sugar, sunflower oil, butter, high quality pasteurized fresh milk, cocoa, chocolate (cocoa paste, sugar, cocoa butter, natural vanilla flavor, emulsifier (soy lectin), fresh eggs, honey, hazelnuts, wheat starch, raising agents (sodium hydrogen carbonate, ammonium acid carbonate), salt, flavorings, egg white powder, starch)

11.6 oz


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