Parmacotto Italian Pepperoni, 8 oz

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This Italian Pepperoni is a spicy, uncured meat

This uncured meat is perfect for pizza and paninis.

Enjoy this traditional pepperoni with a mild kick on sandwiches or with cheese and crackers.

Parmacotto has been producing fine Italian meats in Parma, Italy, since 1978. In 2019, the company expanded to the United States, bringing with them the strict production requirements and quality results for which the brand has become known.

Parmacotto Italian Pepperoni is a hot and spicy uncured meat. Pepperoni was originally created by Italian immigrants in the United States, reproducing the heat and flavor of similar Southern Italian meats. Enjoy it on an authentic Italian American pizza with bell peppers, red onions, and chili pepper flakes.

For a delicious charcuterie board, slice this spicy dry sausage thin and serve with smoky or sharp cheese and a dash of coarsely ground black pepper. Melt smoky Gouda with this uncured pepperoni for a delicious panini or toasted sandwich. Or enjoy plain with a glass of your favorite red or white wine.


8 oz


Product of Italy

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