Parmacotto Porchetta, 8 lb.

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Parmacotto Porchetta is a ready-to-eat pork roast

This savory Italian meat is slow-roasted, boneless pork that's prepared with herbs and spices.

Enjoy this traditional porchetta as part of sandwiches, pastas, or charcuterie boards.

Parmacotto Porchetta is an Italian cured meat product made from roasted pork loin and carefully selected herbs and spices such as laurel, sage, and juniper. It originated in Central Italy but is enjoyed in all parts of the country, especially during times of celebration.

Porchetta recipes range from savory sandwiches to home cooked roasts with fresh herbs like wild fennel seeds. Enjoy the meat whole as a main dish with a side of grilled vegetables or fresh bread. Or cut it thin with a sharp knife and try it on pizza, with ground black pepper or red pepper flakes for an added kick.

For a delicious charcuterie platter, serve on a wooden cutting board with sharp cheese. Pair with your favorite glass of wine, a wheat beer, or even a bottle of champagne for a special occasion.

8 lb. (average)

Product of Italy

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