Parmacotto Prosciutto Cotto, 10 lb.

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Prosciutto Cotto is a delectable ham from Parma, Italy

This cooked Italian meat is made from the hind legs of select livestock.

Enjoy on its own or as part of your favorite Italian recipe.

This high quality meat is from the prosciutto capital of Parma, Italy. The simple ingredients of pork and salt let this luxurious cooked ham speak for itself. Unlike the dry-cured prosciutto crudo, this Italian prosciutto di Parma is cooked.

Add your own honey glaze for a holiday roast preparation. Enjoy paper thin slices of Parmacotto Prosciutto Cotto as a gourmet sandwich ingredient or pizza topping. Or serve this gourmet Italian ham on a charcuterie board with Italian cheeses such as Parmigiano Reggiano. Best enjoyed with a glass of wine, or champagne on a special occasion.

Pork haunch, salt, flavorings

10 lb.


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