Rex Roasted Italian Hazelnuts, 16 oz

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These Roasted Hazelnuts are ready to enjoy

Use these Italian hazelnuts for cooking and baking, or add them to salads and other recipes.

Enjoy these golden-brown toasted hazelnuts in both sweet and savory dishes.

Rex Roasted Italian Hazelnuts make for a satisfying snack or recipe ingredient. These roasted nuts are a wonderful dessert topping when whole or chopped. Raw hazelnuts with the skins removed are roasted before they ship, so they're ready to eat.

These tree nuts make a great addition to desserts as well as savory dishes. Add chopped hazelnuts to parfaits, Greek yogurt, and even oatmeal. Use them to add an extra layer to olive oil vinaigrette salad dressings. Or try them in baked goods such as cookies and cakes.

These roasted tree nuts can even be used in meat entrees as part of a crust, or pureed into hazelnut butter or paste. For even more hazelnut flavor, bake your cakes with Hazelnut Flour

100% Hazelnuts

453 grams (16 oz)

Product of Italy

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