Roland Black Caviar Whole Grain Lumpfish, 2 oz

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This Black Lumpfish Caviar is affordable and delicious

Instead of sturgeon roe, Roland Black Caviar is prepared using lumpfish roe.

Enjoy as a simple yet delectable appetizer with cream cheese and toasted bread.

Roland foods is well known for their high quality imported cuisine. With a satisfyingly salty flavor, Roland Black Lumpfish Caviar is tremendous caviar from lumpfish. The lumpfish roe that is used comes from the North Atlantic Ocean. While not as coveted as sturgeon caviar, both red and black caviar from lumpfish offer a great taste and texture.

And with a more affordable price, lumpfish eggs are generally the better choice for recipes that use fish roe as a welcome addition rather than the dominant flavor. Use these fish eggs in pasta dishes. Sample with toast or crackers on a charcuterie board. Enjoy them with potatoes or eggs as an appetizer. Or even try them in a homemade sushi recipe.

Types of Caviar
Roland Black Caviar

2 oz.

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