Ruby Anchovy Fillet in Soya Oil, 28 oz

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Ruby Anchovy Fillets are packed in Soya Oil

Use these oil-packed anchovies in savory pasta sauces and Caesar salad dressings.

Enjoy these oily fish with pizzas, pastas, and salads.

Ruby's oil-and-salt-packed anchovy fillets are packed with umami flavor. These salt-cured fish are perfect for preparing rich puttanesca sauces and Caesar dressings. Add them to meaty soups and stews. Or enjoy them in a salad with fresh greens and an extra virgin olive oil vinaigrette. Alternatively, taste test them alongside other oil-packed fish on a seafood sampler platter with crackers and cream cheese.

Anchovies, soya oil, salt

28 oz (793g)

Product of Peru

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